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Time is money. If you’ve ever owned digital assets as a part of a much larger investment portfolio, you know the headache that comes with monitoring performance.

Maybe you buy and sell bitcoin (BTC) on a separate brokerage from your 401k. Then, there’s the matter of checking balances. And if you just want a snapshot of your net worth, it could mean manually updating a spreadsheet or back-of-the-napkin math. How’s anyone supposed to keep track of it all?

Wonder no more. Casa has partnered with Kubera to help you monitor your net worth, including your bitcoin, and soon ethereum (ETH) as well, held in self-custody. Now, there’s one place to monitor all your investments.


With Kubera, you can view your net worth with a dashboard that updates in real time including your Casa balance.

Modern wealth tracking for modern portfolios

Kubera is a simple, elegant wealth tracker designed for the forward-thinking investor. The app allows you to securely connect your financial accounts and consolidate all your assets and liabilities onto one clean, easy-to-understand dashboard. This comprehensive platform is well-suited for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and financial advisors.

With Kubera, you can view real-time valuations of all your investments including:

  • Stock and bonds
  • Crypto wallets and addresses
  • NFTs
  • Houses
  • Domain names
  • Precious metals
  • Cars

Within the app, you can explore charts for asset allocations, monitor cash on hand, and you can even use bitcoin as your unit of account if you want.

Kubera connects to more than 20,000 banks, brokerages, crypto exchanges, and other institutions. And now, you can connect your Casa account, so you can view your balance within your complete portfolio while your assets remain secure.

Kubera allows you to incorporate bitcoin into your portfolio tracking with dedicated allocation charts and other visualization tools.

How does it work?

Our partnership with Kubera is the first integration of the Casa API, which allows you to leverage your Casa account with other platforms securely. Our API, short for application programming interface, shares data across systems without ever exposing private keys.

Think of it like a secure window into your bitcoin with none of the security risk, similar to looking up a bitcoin address. Instead of opening the Casa app and typing the balance into a spreadsheet, the balance automatically populates and updates in Kubera. Your assets remain safe every step of the way.


Complete and discreet. The way it should be.

Unlike other portfolio tracking platforms, Kubera does not monetize your financial data, pitch you financial products, or try to manage your finances for you. Instead, it acts as a simple hub for your own portfolio visibility and analysis with a subscription-based model. Learn more about Kubera’s security practices here.

Family sharing is simple with Kubera. You can select an individual or family plan, and you can also designate a beneficiary to gain account access. Additionally, Kubera can act as a portal for your life insurance policies and other documentation, which comes in handy for managing family finances where a single source of truth is essential.

How to track your stack with Kubera

To get started, sign up for a Kubera account. While connecting services, search for “Casa” under “Crypto Exchanges & Wallets.” You’ll be prompted to log into your Casa account, and then, presto!

Owning digital assets means taking the long-term view. Make the most of that view with Casa and Kubera. Visit to get started.

Are you securing bitcoin as a family?

Casa has everything you need to create a legacy plan for your bitcoin with best-in-class security. Choose between a shared account or a crypto inheritance plan, and have peace of mind your money is safe.

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