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Where there’s a family, there’s a dream: a college graduation, a forever home, or a beautiful sunset into retirement. Today, these dreams increasingly include bitcoin.

The same cryptocurrency that no one saw coming has grown into an asset that many of us must plan for. If your family has been fortunate enough to be ahead of the curve, it’s time to prioritize security and stability for your wealth.

Today, bitcoin is for families and Casa is here to lead the way. Here are some pointers for getting started with managing your family’s bitcoin.

Know what’s at stake

Why is it important to have a family plan for your bitcoin? The lack thereof can be devastating. Going without a legacy plan increases the probability of accidents.

Of all the bitcoin security threats, accidental loss is the most widespread and the most underappreciated. No accident is the same. Today, it’s estimated that approximately 20% of all bitcoin in existence has been lost. In virtually all of these cases, bitcoin was lost through a single point of failure, such as a misplaced hardware wallet, device corruption, and sometimes human error.

A person can unknowingly be a single point of failure through mishandling keys or even becoming incapacitated. It is often problematic for a family when the person who managed the finances becomes ill or passes away, and that’s without bitcoin. Even if a family just needs to pay bills, they need to maintain seamless access to their funds.

We built Casa with the belief that no one should be one unfortunate event or illness away from losing their bitcoin. Redundancy is essential in your bitcoin security setup, and sharing self-custody with a loved one is a great start.

Everyone needs a legacy plan

At first glance, legacy planning may seem counter to bitcoin’s ethos. Transacting without trusting others has been a theme since the early days. If you’re young, it can also be easy to centralize your finances and put off creating a legacy plan.

The reality is no one knows what the future holds, and your family may need your bitcoin sooner than you expect. If you believe in bitcoin as a long-term investment, it’s imperative that you reflect on the legacy you want to leave behind. You can’t take it with you, as the saying goes. Continuity is a priority for wealth management.

The lack of a legacy plan is a security risk. Ask yourself: what would happen to your bitcoin if something happened to you? Going it alone in your bitcoin journey is an additional layer of stress that doesn’t have to be there.

Choose a path for your legacy

It’s natural for legacy plans to change as you progress through life, and it’s worth giving extra thought to them as your net worth grows. At Casa, we have two routes for creating legacy plans: shared accounts and our bitcoin inheritance plan.

Shared accounts are a feature of our Platinum plan currently available for U.S. customers. With a shared account, you and a loved one can co-own bitcoin in a Casa account. Under this arrangement, you and your partner manage keys together with the same onboarding and support. Consider it your family account. This option helps you create a starter legacy plan and flexibility for everyday saving and spending. If something ever happens to one party, the account transitions to the other person.

Our bitcoin inheritance plan is designed for formal estate planning. Available on our Diamond plan, this feature allows you to prepare a framework for transitioning your bitcoin to loved ones upon your death. Unlike a shared account, you retain sole self-custody of your bitcoin under an inheritance plan. This plan is more nuanced and allows you to accommodate more than one beneficiary with legal frameworks, such as a family trust.

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Explore subaccounts

Allocation is one primary function of financial planning. If you’re used to working with a family budget, you might have buckets in your checking or savings account. The ability to earmark funds is helpful for monitoring your balances and tracking your progress toward financial goals.

Subaccounts allow you to earmark your funds for further legacy planning by subdividing your bitcoin for specific purposes.

You can do this with bitcoin too. You have the ability to add subaccounts to your Casa plan. Subaccounts are separate pools of bitcoin managed within the Casa plan. They use the same keys and devices as your original keyset, but these accounts allow to separate funds intended for different purposes. Budgeters love subaccounts!

Consider holding keys in a self-directed IRA

Depending on where you live, there may be tax advantages to holding bitcoin in a retirement account. Some U.S. customers can create a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) to exercise greater control of their investments, such as practicing self-custody and holding their own keys.

Self-directed IRAs may be a useful tool for your family’s retirement planning, but you need to be sure to follow the applicable legal requirements. If you’re interested in a self-directed IRA, we highly recommended that you consult with a tax professional.

Closing thoughts

Today, there are a variety of options at your disposal to help you co-manage your bitcoin keys. If you’re bullish on bitcoin’s long-term potential, take some time to explore Casa’s legacy planning options including shared accounts and make your family a family of HODLers.

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