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Today we’re announcing a series of major updates, which we’ve been hard at work on since wrapping up Keyfest in January:

🔐 Subaccounts - You can now safely (and privately) manage distinct pools of Bitcoin for yourself, your family, your business, and more.

🎨 Casa App Redesign - Casa App is now more intuitive and beautiful.

🌎 Brand-new Website - is now bigger and brighter, and makes it easier for Bitcoiners to find the perfect Casa plan.

🎉 Platinum Giveaway - To celebrate, we’re doing our second-ever Casa Platinum Giveaway with our friends at What Bitcoin Did.

Both Casa App updates will be live today on iOS and coming to Android later this month.

🔐 Subaccounts

This is the ‘major update’ we’ve been hinting at since January and one of our all-time most requested features!

There are many reasons you might want to separate your coins. For instance:

  • You have bitcoin owned by different legal entities and need to keep those separate for tax reasons (check out our FAQ below on IRAs)
  • You’re HODLing for different goals or different people (e.g. your children), and want to track these balances individually
  • You’ve earned some BTC by mining or selling goods and services, and don’t want to mix those coins with coins you’ve bought on an exchange

Subaccounts let you do this easily.

Here’s how it works:

  1. To create a new subaccount, swipe up on your multisig keyset
  2. Tap the “+” button (if you’ve done a Key Rotation in the past, you’ll need to tap “...” first)
  3. Give your subaccount a name (you can change this later)

Congrats! You’ve now got a brand new subaccount.

It’s managed by the same keys as your primary account. However, all the bitcoin you transfer into this subaccount will be kept entirely separate from the bitcoin held in your other subaccounts.

Casa App never mixes these funds together. This means that as long as you don’t send bitcoin between your subaccounts, they will always appear totally unrelated to the outside world. Why is this important? Because it lets you transact coins with different purposes, legal/tax considerations, or privacy profiles without worrying about whether they’ll be mixed together. We’ve made it easy to manage, and these separate funds are all protected by one set of keys.

With subaccounts, you can create and sign multiple outgoing transactions at the same time (1 per subaccount). This makes life easier if you ever need to spend or recover funds from a multiple subaccounts—especially if your key locations are far apart.

Subaccounts viewed from a Diamond account.

Implementing subaccounts with multisig was no small feat, and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver it to you now.

🎨 Casa App redesign

We’re also launching the biggest design improvement we’ve made to Casa App since we launched 3 years ago.

We’ve streamlined navigation, done away with the ‘Assets’ tab, and added tons of updates to make the entire experience even more polished and delightful.

To send/receive bitcoin, view transactions, or manage your subaccounts, just swipe up. We’ve also made it smoother to flip between keysets by swiping right or left.

For Casa Diamond, which allows you to include your family members, colleagues, or personal team, we’ve added a ‘Teams’ tab for your key managers to quickly view and sign transactions.

Left: Diamond account holder viewing their key managers. Right: a key manager viewing funds on the new Teams tab.

🌎 Brand-new website now includes a primer on how Casa Multisig works, plus detailed pages for Casa Wallet, Casa Gold, Casa Platinum, and Casa Diamond.

It’s never been easier to understand multisig security and find the Casa plan that’s right for you.

🎉 Casa Platinum giveaway

To celebrate these releases, we’ve partnered with our friends at What Bitcoin Did for our second-ever Casa Platinum giveaway. That's a $1,800 value! Offer ends April 30, 2021.

👉 Check out full details + enter here!

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Subaccount FAQs

Do subaccounts create a separate multisig account? Do I need more hardware wallets?

Nope. Subaccounts use the same set of keys that you set up your multisig with through Casa. You can add subaccounts without needing to add or manage any new hardware devices (or even needing to touch your existing devices).

How many subaccounts can I have?

  • Gold - 2 subaccounts (includes your ‘Primary’ subaccount)
  • Platinum - 5 subaccounts
  • Diamond - 5 subaccounts (with the ability to add more upon request soon)

Why aren’t we doing unlimited subaccounts?

Good security and design often mean keeping things simple, particularly when it comes to recovering funds. We’ve realized that if clients had unlimited subaccounts, the resulting complexity could make recovery a lot harder, adding risk of confusion or even loss down the road. Case in point: if you have five subaccounts and need to replace a hardware wallet, you’ll need to perform five separate recovery transactions, one for each subaccount. Likewise, if you’re performing a Sovereign Recovery or setting up a watch-only wallet, you’ll need to set up 5 separate wallets in Electrum or Specter to recover (or watch) your wallet. In other words, there’s a steep tradeoff between scope and usability for this feature. Based on our user research, these numbers strike the right balance to keep the Casa experience feeling magical while offering the increased functionality our users desire.

Can I use subaccounts to manage bitcoin held in my IRA?

We recommend checking with your tax professional first. To be safe, our guidance is to store your personal bitcoin and any bitcoin in your IRA in fully separate Casa accounts using separate hardware wallets, and to avoid using any personal funds (i.e. a personal credit card) to pay for your IRA membership. We’ll have updates in the future that make it easier (from a tax perspective) to keep your IRA bitcoin and personal bitcoin in the same account.

Can funds/UTXOs in different subaccounts ever get mixed together?

Sending or receiving in one subaccount has no impact on the other subaccounts. The only way coins could ever get mixed together is if you sent bitcoin from one subaccount directly into your other subaccount.

Where can I learn more? How do subaccounts work under the hood?

Check out our help center article for more info.