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Casa has been dedicated to helping clients HODL bitcoin for the past three years. Our self-custody solution protects you from every form of theft and loss that we have seen occur throughout Bitcoin's history.

A common question we get from clients is how to protects funds from a "$5 wrench attack" AKA physical coercion. The short answer is that the only way to do this is to ensure that you don't have direct and immediate access to your funds. For a deep dive, check out this post:

How to Protect Your Bitcoin from $5 Wrench Attacks
If you want to be your own bank, you’ll want bank-grade security measures. Thanks to technology we can surpass the physical security of a bank at a fraction of the cost!

Our clients will occasionally ask about rarer edge case security scenarios, such as the mythical $10 wrench attack. To meet these needs, last year we announced Casa Titanium (for which the waitlist is huge. Unbelievable waitlist).

However, our discerning clients have asked more of us. And we have delivered.

Introducing Casa Centurion - the ultimate HODL

If you've been a HODLer for long enough, then you know that Bitcoin lowers your time preference for consumption. But how many HODLers have extended their time preference past the end of their own lives? Few.

Casa Centurion takes our standard multisig wallet and time locks it using the Bitcoin protocol for 100 years. This commitment shows that your corn is not for your own consumption, but for the benefit of your heirs. From a technical perspective the Bitcoin redeem script is quite simple; it merely requires the additional data in red:

Casa Centurion is designed to outlast our clients via

  • Hardware devices for key protection
  • FOMO proof locking scripts
  • Seedless setups
  • P2WSH multisig

True F-you money

While wealthy people have historically created complex legal structures such as trusts in order to pass down assets, these mechanisms still have single points of failure. For example, they assume that the legal system will continue to exist and enforce laws in the same way as when the trust is formed. Also, these entities are still susceptible to various forms of legal attack if interested parties decide they don't wish to abide by the original rules of the trust.

On the other hand, honey badger don't care. There is no entity in the world that has the power to coerce the Bitcoin network into unlocking the coins in your Casa Centurion vault. There may be a few challenges around timelocks, but if you're serious about protecting your stash for generations, Centurion is for you.

Executive order demands confiscation of everyone's corn? Think again!

Family wants to raid your stash while you're in cryo preservation? Not gonna happen!

A court decides you have to give up half of your assets in a divorce judgement? Tough luck!

James Cameron got your Casa Titanium keys?

Centurion is a Bitcoin black hole - bitcoin goes in, it doesn't come out.

How do I sign up?

Casa Centurion is one of the most exclusive memberships on the planet. To secure your spot, you'll need to purchase one of our limited run of Centurion NFTs, which will be created and released once we have raised enough money to pay for the Ethereum gas fees.

While you wait, you can always take the first step in securing your bitcoin future by signing up for a 30 day free trial of Casa Gold.

From the team that brought you Casa Titanium