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As Casa has expanded our membership tiers over the last year so that anyone can use Casa to secure their bitcoin, we've realized there is demand for even more security from our most sophisticated sovereign clientele.

If you're familiar with Casa's multisig service, then you're probably aware that our system is seedless - it is designed to eliminate a variety of threat vectors by getting rid of the need for seed phrase backups. If a user who has a 3-of-5 multisignature Casa setup loses a device, it's not a problem—they just get a new hardware device and perform a key rotation within the Casa app.

Within any given Casa multisig setup, the likelihood of losing your mobile key is incredibly low due to our secure cloud backup mechanism, as is the likelihood of losing multiple hardware keys at once. Even if a user manages to lose two devices simultaneously, they can still access their funds with the aid of Casa's Recovery Key.

However, some users have requested an even greater guarantee of recoverability in the event that all of their hardware devices are lost or destroyed simultaneously. Enter...

Casa Titanium.

Casa Titanium is our ultra premium tier. Instead of an annual subscription, Casa Titanium is a one-time cost of 2,100 BTC, which buys you a lifetime membership to a security model the likes of which the world. has. never. seen.

How Does It Work?

The proceeds from our Casa Titanium presale will be used to buy a decommissioned nuclear powered aircraft carrier that we shall commission as the Casa Citadel. Casa Titanium members will have exclusive access to one gratis Casa Citadel cruise per year; our year-round schedule will feature a variety of rotating themes such as "The Halvening" and "Crypto Casino."

Casa Citadel, formerly the USS Enterprise

Passengers need not worry about their security while on board; the Casa Citadel crew will include pilots as well as personnel who are trained to use the deck-mounted defenses that will be retrofitted onto the ship. We'll have no problem warding off wanna-be pirates.

This floating fortress will operate in the Pacific, regularly docking in Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, and so on. Each voyage will make a pass over the Mariana Trench - the deepest oceanic trench in the world at over 11,034 meters (36,201 ft.) Once the ship reaches Challenger Deep, passengers will be signaled to drop in a Quadrat Register containing an encoded backup of one of their Casa multisig seed phrases.

As my own stress tests have shown, a Quadrat Register can easily withstand the 8 tons per square inch of pressure that the weight of water will exert upon the device. At such crushing depths there are few forms of life; those that do patrol these waters are monstrous!

It's a trap!

Securing seed phrases is an onerous task, which is why we generally recommend against it. However, storing them in the Mariana Trench creates a new security model for your seed phrase that narrows down the possible attackers to a single person: James Cameron. When called upon, James will use Deepsea Challenger to retrieve your seed phrase. Since the Quadrat Register actually holds an encoded form of your seed phrase, it's safe even from James! (Note: We're still in negotiations to determine James' fee for recovering a device from the depths, so it's possible that your seed phrase will remain secure forever.)

Rumor has it that while James was at the bottom of Challenger Deep, he dropped off his bitcoin keys.

Oh, and One More Thing...

Casa Titanium includes our Black Ops package! While Casa users are already familiar with the Emergency Lockdown function in the app, AKA "The Big Red Button," members who upgrade to Casa Titanium will now have a new button available on the Help screen:

If a user activates the Bailout option, the Casa app will activate a GPS locator beacon, and a highly trained team of extraction specialists will converge on your location within minutes to bring you to safety. While we recommend practicing safe OpSec as a preventative measure, this is an excellent option for dealing with situations where you find yourself in physical danger.

Example extraction specialist. Note: Grenades not included.

Casa Takes Security to the Extreme

Our paranoid security engineers spend countless hours dreaming up insane adversarial scenarios so that you don't have to. We're confident that we've built the strongest user-friendly security protocol that's available today. Buy yourself peace of mind with a Casa subscription today!