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We revealed Casa in March 2018 as the best personal key system on the planet, starting with a premium 3-of-5 multisig service.

Now we’re ready to share the bigger picture, starting with our core mission.

Our Mission: to Maximize Personal Sovereignty and Safety

Why personal?

Casa is focused on personal solutions because strong individuals build strong communities, companies, cities, and civilizations. Strengthening each level of organization begins with personal control.

Personal choices will often be different depending on an individual’s geographic location, cultural background, age and other factors.

Casa designs and builds systems to more freely enable personal control because the power to make personal choice is critical for long-term planning, growth, health and wealth.

Casa also supports teams and companies, but will often do so by integrating with an outside partner who is focused primarily on building for institutions (which requires different features and regulatory compliance).

Why sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the power and responsibility of control.
Self sovereignty is the power over your life, including all your assets.

By giving you more freedom to control your wealth and data,
Casa gives you more freedom to control your life.

By giving you more freedom to control your life,
Casa helps you solve more problems directly.

And by solving more problems directly,
Casa helps to improve life for yourself and your community.

Why safety?

In addition to personal control, Casa aims to maximize personal safety through careful design. What does that mean in practice?

Casa builds safety technology while still giving control to the individual.

Think about an electrical system in a house that powers cooking, music and entertainment, cleaning and much more. Electricity enables us to lead better lives, but without a circuit breaker in the home we would see more electrical fires and accidental electrocutions. A circuit breaker is safety technology that is still fully within the control of the resident of a home.

Similarly, the Casa app simplifies complex key operations, provides warnings and key status reminders, and can help with key recoveries if a key device is ever lost or stolen. Across each case, the Casa users always maintain full control of their keys and wealth.

While some of our software will need to be centralized initially during critical design stages, over time we will always push more and more functionality to the edges, handing more control to the individual.

What’s next?

Our mission of maximizing personal sovereignty and safety inspired us to build our first two offerings, Casa Premium multisig service and Casa Store for hardware wallets (with free shipping!). But there’s much more to come.

Does Casa’s mission resonate with you?

Join our team! Email with your resume and desired role. We are hiring across both engineering and client service positions.