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Spiffy Website

We launched our new website, which you can check out at We’ll be adding more content and information over time, particularly to a Crypto 101 section that isn’t live yet. We’d like this to eventually become a great resource to learn about cryptocurrency for newbies and experienced HODLers alike. We’ll be posting the Crypto 101 articles to Medium as well if you want to check them out before it goes live on our website!

App Store Release

We are officially on the App Store, which makes our clients’ lives a whole lot easier! We’re ramping up our onboarding now and activating clients faster off our waitlist.

Support Tooling

Casa is as much a service as it is an app, and we aim to provide excellent support to our clients. To enable this, we created analysis tools that our support team can use to diagnose any issues a customer may have. As we explained in our recent post on privacy, we take our clients’ privacy seriously and only access personal or transaction data at their request.

Crypto 101: Multisig

We wrote our first Crypto 101 article about Casa’s bread and butter, multisig transactions. It’s short and sweet, explain-it-like-I’m-Five style, so check it out if you haven’t already!

See you in two weeks