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Today, our team is thrilled to unveil a new Casa logo to dovetail with our rejuvenated app experience. We consider our refined visual identity to be emblematic of the next phase of our journey in self-custody and private key management, and we’re humbled to have you be a part of the Casa story.

The new Casa logo and wordmark serve as a signpost for the next chapter in self-custody and private key management.

Above is the new Casa logo, which our team has nicknamed the “penta.” Our design team arrived at this concept after hours of whiteboarding and collaboration. We’ve paired this design with a custom wordmark for a bold, unified effect that speaks to the self-custody experience our members love. You can find this logo across all our channels including app stores, our website, and our communications.

In the coming months, this logo will act as our guiding light for member communications and product designs.

Security is a discipline where every step is intentional. When we set out to refresh our logo, we sought to embody the core aspects of Casa, what we believe, and the future we wish to create. And we began with private keys as our inspiration.

Private keys are the gateway to digital autonomy. When a person holds their own keys, they are free to choose their own path and they harness technology that proves their ownership. Keys provide us with a clear starting point and mathematical direction that is uniquely ours.

To date, we have primarily experienced this phenomenon through bitcoin and other cryptographic protocols. Beginning with a private key, you can derive a public key, bitcoin addresses, and digital signatures for spending funds. Endless potential emanates from one central place.

With this vision, we wished to pay homage to our roots with a thoughtful nod to the future that is open-ended for both Casa and our members. And we’ve imbued our logo with some elements of our more technical beginnings, such as our five-key multisig wallet, now known as a vault.

Why now?

2023 marks a key turning point in our history. When Casa began, private key adoption was scarce and the use cases were few. We began by helping members secure bitcoin in the most robust, user-friendly way with recognition that private keys would eventually grow to influence other aspects of our lives.

Today, that future is closer than ever before and feels increasingly expansive. Comb through the news today and you will find countless instances that private keys can help prevent: accidents, hacks, institutional collapse, theft, and data breaches. These situations occur because we, as a society, have relinquished autonomy without fully understanding the tradeoffs.

We don’t have to perpetuate that complacency any longer. Our team has built Casa into the best self-custody experience the world has to offer with thoughtful attention to every device, onboarding, and member interaction. Our rationale is simple — there is no substitute for the freedom of having true ownership over your funds and your life. When you hold your keys, you take control of your digital future, and we look forward to helping our members unlock this potential for themselves.

A focus on individual empowerment

A world of possibility awaits when you turn a key. Over the last five years, we have cultivated Casa as a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional brand, and we wish to maintain that cohesion as we introduce new products, such as ethereum support. And we have introduced a reimagined app with this reality in mind.

The next phase of mass adoption will require us to build tools that balance security and accessibility. We believe the world is watching bitcoin and ethereum as instruments for personal empowerment, and our team will continue with the brave, human-centric approach Casa is known for.

Whether you’re using a key to take self-custody for the first time, spending money you’ve saved, or simply tapping our app to check your balance, we hope our logo will come to signify the promise of digital autonomy and the opportunity to claim what is rightfully yours. Welcome home.


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