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At Casa every week is privacy week.

We believe strongly in personal data sovereignty, and are going above and beyond to respect our customers with application design, support systems, and even legal terms that minimize data collection and storage.  

But this week we have something extra special — a series of product and feature launches focused on personal data and privacy.

To celebrate, today we are kicking off the #MyDataMyLife campaign!

#MyDataMyLife Campaign

Many companies claim that data privacy is important.

At Casa, we take this further. We believe companies should not only keep customer data private, but should also actively minimize data collection in the first place.

That's why we are starting the #MyDataMyLife campaign. We want to know why personal data control and privacy is important to you.

We also want to hear ideas on how Casa and other companies can improve their data policies.

We'll be sharing some of our own work in this area throughout the week. We'll also be featuring our favorite ideas and posts from you and the community on the blog at the end of the week (after asking your permission of course!).

We want to hear from you.

Why is personal data sovereignty important to you?
How can companies better protect customer data?

Let us know on Twitter or other social channels with #MyDataMyLife, then tag any friends that you think will have good ideas or stories on personal data sovereignty.

To kick things off, our CTO Jameson Lopp and our Head of Strategy Alena Vranova will be telling us why personal data sovereignty is important to them!