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How you interact with your hardware wallet plays an important role in the overall effectiveness of private key management.

At Casa, we’re here to keep you on the leading edge of bitcoin security. Today, we’re making a leap forward and unveiling our integration with Keystone, a line of 100% air-gapped hardware wallets with transparent QR code signing.

Starting today, Casa clients can incorporate Keystone hardware devices within their Gold, Platinum, and Diamond security plans for a streamlined payment experience.

Meet the future of bitcoin transactions 🤳

Until recently, if you wanted to spend bitcoin held in Casa cold storage, you had to either plug your hardware wallet into your computer or use a MicroSD card as a go-between to broadcast a partially signed transaction (PSBT) onto the bitcoin network.

While these processes are easy to learn, they’re not necessarily practical in an increasingly mobile world. With the explosive growth of the Lightning Network and mobile wallets, we needed a device that could help you spend sats on the go, and Keystone is here to fill that void.

Keystone wallets use air-gapped QR code transmission and a mobile companion app for a simple, cordless payment experience. The wallets come with a camera, fingerprint authentication, and a 4-inch touchscreen to help you scan QR codes and approve transactions with ease and peace of mind. Spending bitcoin is as simple as “point and shoot.”

Take air-gap signing to the next level 🚀

If a device is connected to the Internet, it can be compromised. Hardware wallets are designed with a secure element to store your private key safely.

Air-gap functionality builds on that defense by separating your device from the Internet, thereby reducing malware risk and improving the overall security of your private key.

Keystone Wallets do not connect to the Internet via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, or cellular data, and they can be powered totally offline with AAA or rechargeable batteries. Firmware updates are only performed via MicroSD card, so you can kiss your cords goodbye.

Join the next frontier in digital sovereignty 🙌

Keystone Wallet offers a bitcoin-only firmware that includes built-in multisig settings for onboarding with Casa App. With this setup, Casa App acts as the mobile companion app for smooth and secure transactions.

For more information on how to use a Keystone Wallet with Casa App, visit our help center.

Need a Keystone Wallet?

Until Oct. 19, Casa clients can enjoy 20% off a new Keystone Wallet by entering promo code “CASA20” at checkout. Get your wallet here.

Upgrade your bitcoin security now

Casa protects your bitcoin against single points of failure, such as device or theft. With 2-of-3 Basic Multisig through Casa Gold, you can HODL without worrying if your bitcoin is at risk.

Interested in greater security? Set up a call with our Client Services team for an intro to our Platinum and Diamond plans.