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You've heard the age-old question asked by many on Twitter over the years: "Wen moon?"

Today, Casa answers that question.

Casa is proud to announce our most ambitious security offering yet, and we have to admit, 100 year timelocks got nothing on this. Beginning today, you now have the option to store one key in your Casa plan on the moon.

This add-on feature, known as Casa Galactic, brings extreme resilience to your bitcoin security. While Jeff and Elon are arguing about who has a bigger rocket, your key will be sealed in a Faraday bag and sent to the moon aboard Casa’s own spaceship, powered by cold fusion and the tears of bitcoin climate FUDers.

🧑‍🚀 Journey to the center of the moon

Once our vessel lands on the moon, your Casa Moon Key will be buried 256 feet below the lunar surface. Upon completion, the GPS coordinates of your key’s location will be fully encrypted and hand-delivered to you by Casa’s own Jameson Lopp. Jameson will even point out its location for you using one of those neat green laser pointers you always wanted as a kid.

Holding at least some of your keys on the moon makes your keyset even more decentralized than before. Theoretically, your bitcoin could still be recovered by satellite if an asteroid were to collide with Earth and Ben Affleck couldn’t save us (which is why this is theoretical, he obviously would save us).

Cell phone data plan on the moon not included. 

🚀 It’s security for the final frontier

Casa Galactic is available to all bitcoiners for the onetime price of 250,000 bitcoin. While we're still working through a few logistics, we are pretty sure we'll figure something out at that price. We're happy to announce that our first customer will be the esteemed Craig Wright, right after he finds that darn key to the coins he mined back when he was Satoshi.

Please note Health Checks are extremely important for Casa Galactic to ensure the continued stability of your keyset against solar flares and extraterrestrial interference. We recommend you perform a health check every April 1.

Note: Casa is not able to provide travel accommodations for Health Check spacewalks at this time.

Ready to join the Casa Galactic waitlist? We'd like to dedicate this song to you. Even if something happens to our planet, your bitcoin won't miss a thing🌛

🌎 Come back to Earth

Whoa there, space cadet. Bitcoin security isn’t that complicated. With Casa, you can safely hold your private keys without worrying about single points of failure like theft, accidental loss, and device failure. The best part? It’s free to try for 30 days and you don’t have to leave the third rock from the sun. Learn more here.

Interested in even greater security? Book a demo to learn about our Platinum and Diamond plans.