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Casa is evolving.

We started by launching Keymaster – a 3-of-5 multi-signature Bitcoin storage solution with premium 24/7 support and disaster recovery.

Next, we launched Casa Node – a sleek, plug-and-play Lightning + Bitcoin fullnode.

Now, we are combining and expanding our products into a comprehensive Sovereignty-as-a-Service experience.

What is Sovereignty-as-a-Service?

At Casa our company mission is to Maximize Personal Sovereignty and Safety. We recently released our Seven Guiding Principles, of which “Sovereign Customers First” is the first and most important.

Serving our mission and principles requires a rare mix of three disciplines:
1) Engineering that is privacy-preserving and security-focused.
2) Design that encourages personal responsibility and sovereignty.
3) Service that is built for lifetime relationships.

We knew Engineering and Design would be crucial, but we were surprised to find out how equally important Service would be.

The first major step in achieving our desired level of service was to remove the analytics tools that most companies use to spy on their users. This forced us to use old-fashioned customer interviews (in which many customers used pseudonyms) to research and develop new features.

Because the technologies in the crypto world are so new, we quickly found our support team receiving security and technical questions extending beyond our core products.

We’ve learned that our customers buy Casa not only because they want a well-designed, easy-to-use experience, but because they know that sometimes things will go horribly wrong and when that happens they can rely on our team to work closely with them until the problem is resolved.

Further, when you join Casa, you’re joining a community of fellow explorers and builders. We are all strengthened by working together to solve issues.

That means that Casa is not only a technology company, but a sovereign support and community company.

Choose your Sovereignty Level.

We are combining our products and services into a sovereign experience with multiple levels because this aligns our company incentives even tighter with customers.

Many online businesses have an incentive to downplay or hide security breaches. There’s a principal-agent problem at work when a company has a monopoly on your data or on your keys.

At Casa, we only want to make money if you are supported, secure and sovereign. We are incentivized to invest an incredible amount of resources and time up front to make sure clients are secure, because if client security is breached we’ve directly lost future revenue and trust.

We are introducing multiple Casa Keymaster packages:

  • Silver is great for newcomers to learn and experiment
  • Gold is our basic sovereignty kit and includes a Casa Node.
  • Platinum is built for individuals that want maximum sovereignty and support.
  • Diamond is for individuals and teams that want shared account features and recoveries.

All paid packages include:

  • The best sovereign customer support in the business.
  • Full key control with Keymaster apps for iOS and Android.
  • First access to secret Casa products currently in development.
  • Special discounts from our partners (always opt-in, we never share data).
  • Casa community events and meetups.
  • Funding support for open-source development, as Casa grants for independent open-source devs.
  • Bragging rights for helping build the decentralized Internet!

We plan to release new products and features often, so your sovereignty toolkit will feel new each year that you renew.

Your sovereignty journey is unique.

When you join Casa, you join a community of fellow explorers.

Many of our customers will incorporate other products in their sovereign computing setups, and Casa will work to integrate and support as many other products as possible while maintaining our high standards of security.

Over time, we will release new products and integrations with other products based directly on the feature requests and feedback reported by our customers.

We are committed to customer privacy and security, so we’ve built an entirely self-hosted customer support platform with no analytics (while other companies are still using support tools from cloud companies, where metadata is mined and sold). We plan to share more details on this in the future.

Watch out for more details soon.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing many more details about sovereignty levels, pricing, new products, and more.