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At Casa, we believe private keys will unlock a future all of us can truly own. Today, a like-minded team is joining Casa to help take that vision to new heights.

Casa has acquired Chamber, a team of experts in applied cryptography and passkeys. We’re excited to welcome the Chamber team to Casa, and we’re already working together toward Casa’s mission of empowering people to have more freedom, control, and ownership over what matters most to them.

Private keys: We’re just getting started

Casa began with the idea that private keys are “the key” to empowering people digitally. Private key cryptography allows anyone to truly, securely own data and control access to that data. Bitcoin is simply data used as money, and it’s the starting point for Casa’s mission to empower our members to have more free, secure lives. 

A major challenge for putting private keys into the hands of people around the world is making those keys easier to use. Private keys have qualities that I like to call the “Three U’s.” They are Unique, Unguessable, and Unforgeable — this makes them incredibly powerful tools when used properly because they are much more robust for securing data than something like a password. The downside is if you lose those keys, there is no password reset — you’ve lost everything. Therein lies the challenge because unfortunately, humans aren’t great at never losing something!

There wasn’t always an easy way to hold the private keys to your bitcoin. Then we built Casa. Now six years in, we continue to innovate in how we build simple, secure experiences around using private keys.

Introducing Chamber

I came across the work of the Chamber team last year and was incredibly impressed. Over the last two years, Chamber has been at the forefront of using passkeys to make private key management more secure and user-friendly for a wide variety of use cases. The Chamber tech will accelerate Casa’s roadmap in reducing friction and improving security in storing private keys.

Casa is happy to welcome both Chamber co-founders to the Casa team: William Allen as our new COO and Bryan Latten as our new CTO.

Meet the dynamic duo: William and Bryan

In addition to key tech, we’ve added key members to the team. 

It’s my pleasure to welcome both Chamber founders to Team Casa: William Allen and Bryan Latten. Will has joined Casa as COO, and Bryan has joined as CTO. Both will play an instrumental role in driving the future of Casa.

Will and Bryan have a breadth of executive experience building tech companies from inception to scale. Together, they helped lead the social network Behance as COO and chief architect. Once Behance was acquired by Adobe, they stayed on for a decade as VPs, building out critical parts of the business and tech stack. That mix of user dedication across companies big and small makes them a strong fit for Casa.

I was particularly excited that Will helped found the Content Authenticity Initiative, which I’ve been following for years as a unique way to use cryptography to provide content provenance, which is even more important in a world where AI-generated content has reached a new level of precision and mainstream adoption.

When I met Will and Bryan, I was struck by how they shared the same passion Casa has. They set out to build Chamber to provide better security for individuals through securing their private keys. Today, they have shown a clear foundation for working together, both in their vision and the codebase Chamber has built, and Casa members will benefit immensely from their dedication.

The Chamber team will help accelerate Casa’s work toward our mission of empowering people to use private keys to make their lives better, more secure, and more sovereign.

Turning the keys of tomorrow

Casa members have a tremendous amount to look forward to in 2024. We recently set the tone for this year with the rollout of our latest feature, Casa Inheritance, which empowers Casa members to share vault access with someone they love to facilitate the generational transfer of digital assets.

We are laser-focused on solving real problems for you, our members, in security and self-custody, and we have some great things coming for you this year. Stay tuned. 

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