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Editor’s note: Bitcoin purchases are no longer available through the Casa app as of January 2023. We recommend that you use an alternative purchasing platform.

Today the Casa team is announcing three ways for you to stack more sats this summer!

📈 Recurring buys - You can now dollar-cost average bitcoin straight into your Casa multisig. There’s never been a smarter, safer, easier way to let the sats roll in.

💸 Refer a friend - Earn up to $250 in Casa Credit for you and your friends when you introduce them to Casa. It’s the best referral perk in bitcoin.

🥞 Stack more sats - For a limited time, we’re offering a boost to help you stack the dip! Details below.

📈 Dollar-cost average bitcoin straight to your multisig

What is dollar-cost averaging (DCA)?

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy where you set up small, recurring purchases over time. For example, instead of buying $10,000 of bitcoin all at once and trying to time the market perfectly, you can set up a $1,000 purchase to recur once a month for 10 months.

Dollar-cost averaging is simple, reduces exposure to bitcoin’s volatility, and performs well against most trading strategies. Want to see how you’d have performed if you’d set up recurring buys in the past? Check out our favorite Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin Calculator.

For many bitcoiners, DCA is the smartest, easiest way to grow their stack.

Why DCA with Casa?

A better question is: Why bother accumulating censorship-resistant money if your funds aren’t seizure-resistant? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Many clients tell us they DCA on custodial platforms and set up withdrawals to their Casa multisig. This means you’re still taking on exchange exposure and you’re likely reusing addresses 😬.

Casa is the only service that lets you DCA straight to your self-sovereign multisig. Every sat you purchase is safe by default. And better yet, you’re getting real BTC—not IOUs from an exchange—and you never need to ask anyone’s permission to transact.

All recurring buys carry Casa’s transparent, industry-low fee of 0.99%.

To set up your recurring buy

  1. Head to the Buy Bitcoin tab in your Casa App.
  2. Enter your purchase amount.
  3. Set your frequency.
  4. Stack sats 🥞.

For now, recurring buys are only available to US customers with a connected bank account. Check out our FAQ for full details.

💸 Refer friends, earn rewards

An important part of being a bitcoiner is educating your friends and family.

That means helping them understand bitcoin’s value as well as bitcoin values.

It also means keeping them safe from scams and security blunders—like holding their funds on an exchange, buying Bitcoin Cash ‘because it’s cheaper,’ or making a newbie mistake like losing a seed phrase.

Casa is the safest place to send friends or family to help make sure they start HODLing the right way from day one. Casa App is self-sovereign, bakes in Lopp-approved security measures, and is as easy to use as your friend’s favorite custodial app.

We’ve created our referral program as a 'thank you' for Casa members who are already helping spread the word of bitcoin and self-sovereignty.

To share Casa with a friend

  1. Open your Casa App and head to your Account page.
  2. Tap Refer a Friend.
  3. Have your friends sign up using your unique referral link.

When your friends sign up using your referral link, they’ll get a discount on the first year of their Casa Gold, Platinum or Diamond membership. ‍You’ll get that same discount applied to your next Casa renewal or upgrade. It’s win-win 💸.

Casa’s Refer a Friend program is only available to Casa Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members. Check out our FAQ for more details.

🥞 Limited-time offer: Stack more sats with Casa

To help give your stack a boost this summer, we’re offering two limited-time bonuses for every Casa HODLer:

🚀 Boost your recurring buys

For the first 500 Casa members who set up a recurring buy, we’ll add a free 5% boost on every recurring purchase you make between now and September 1!

For example:

  • Set up a $200 recurring buy get an extra $10 BTC on every 👏 single 👏 recurrence between now and 9/1.
  • Set up a $500 recurring buy get an extra $25 BTC on every 👏 single 👏 recurrence between now and 9/1.

Note: This offer is only available to Casa Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members. It’s limited to only one recurring buy series per user. There's a minimum purchase size of $100 and there's a max bonus of $25 per buy. Check out our FAQ below for full info on restrictions and eligibility.

🚀 Get a bonus for every friend you refer

Between now and August 15, you’ll get an extra $25 of Casa Credit for every friend or family member you refer—regardless of which membership they purchase.

🔑 Welcome to full-stack HODLing

Casa now offers everything you need to stay sovereign and build your bitcoin wealth under one roof:

  1. Dollar-cost averaging - So you can easily build your stack over time.
  2. Self-sovereign, premium multisig - Your keys, your coins—ready no matter what.
  3. Refer a Friend - A perk to reward you for what you do best already: helping spread the good word of bitcoin security.

We call this full-stack HODLing because it brings together three habits all bitcoiners should have: intelligently growing their wealth, staying self-sovereign, and passing on the bitcoin signal.

Not already full-stacking bitcoin? Let’s get it handled.

Reminder: The bonuses above are *only* available for Casa members.

The good news is Casa Gold is FREE to try for 30 days and only $120 / year after that.

Ready to move directly to our Casa Platinum or Casa Diamond tiers? You can or book a call with our Client Services team today.

Stay safe out there

Casa's CTO Jameson Lopp regularly reports on what you need to know for your bitcoin security, privacy, and personal OpSec. Sign up for our weekly security newsletter to stay up to date.


How does the Recurring Buy Boost work?

To be eligible for the Recurring Buy Boost, here’s what you need to know:

Who's eligible

  • This boost is only available to Casa Gold, Casa Platinum, and Casa Diamond members. This boost is NOT available to free Casa users.
  • It's ONLY available for the first 500 users who set up a recurring buy.

How your bonus is calculated

  • The bonus is limited to only one recurring buy series per user. If you set up multiple recurring buys (e.g. 1 monthly buy, 1 weekly buy), only the first recurring buy series you create will be eligible for a boost.
  • For an individual buy in your series to qualify, it must be successfully executed between 7/27/2021 - 9/1/2021 (midnight EST).
  • Buys must be $100 or greater to qualify for the bonus. Any recurring buy below $100 won't review a boost. There's also a maximum boost of $25 per buy (regardless of order size).

Note: you won’t see the 5% boost in your Casa App when creating your purchase! To reduce UTXO bloat, payouts will be made as a one-time deposit shortly after 9/1. BTC exchange rate will be calculated at the time of payout.

Are recurring buys available everywhere?

Recurring buys are currently available to customers with a US bank account and are available in all states except CT, HI, NY, NH, TX, VA, VT. They’re also only available via bank purchase, not through Apple Pay.

Check out our help center for full details.

How does the referral bonus work?

It’s simple. Just share your referral link and for every friend that purchases a Casa membership before 8/15 you’ll get a bonus $25 in Casa Credit.

Your bonus credit won’t be immediately visible in your Casa App. Instead, it will be added to your account automatically shortly after 8/15.

What can I use Casa Credit on?

Your Casa Credit can be used on any Casa membership. To keep things simple, it will be applied automatically anytime you renew a membership or want to upgrade to a higher tier. Casa Credit cannot be redeemed at the Casa Store at this time.

Is there a maximum number of friends I can refer?

We encourage you to refer as many friends as you like! Please note there is a maximum of $599 in Casa Credit you can accrue in any given calendar year. To learn more, check out our help center.