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Editor’s note: Bitcoin purchases are no longer available through the Casa app as of January 2023. We recommend that you use an alternative purchasing platform.

Casa is the safest, smartest way to buy bitcoin:

  • Secure by default - When you buy bitcoin with Casa, it goes straight to your multisig. That makes risky exchanges one less thing to worry about.
  • Lowest fees in Bitcoin - We also offer a simple, fair fee of 0.99% on all bitcoin purchased with your bank account.

📈 Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve dramatically increased our limits for bank account purchases:

  • $25,000 per week / per order (up from $5,000)
  • $50,000 per month
  • $75,000 per 60 days
  • $250,000 per year

Looking to make a large purchase of $100,000 or above? If you’re a Platinum or Diamond client, just let your Client Advisor know and we'll instantly connect you with our network of hand-picked OTC desks and liquidity providers. Because you’re never limited to working with just one firm, you’ll know the pricing is competitive. Better yet: all the bitcoin you purchase will be deposited directly to your secure Casa multisig.

(Note: today's limits increase applies only to bitcoin purchased with your bank account (currently limited to US customers). If you’re based outside the US, Apple Pay purchases are supported in 30+ countries (full list here). Both fees and quotes run higher on Apple Pay because of chargeback risk.)

👀 Major update coming soon

Since the beginning of 2021, Team Casa has been hard at work on a major addition to your Casa App. Be on the lookout for one of our largest, most requested features to date.

ICYMI: Last month’s updates

Last month we shipped a salvo of key improvements making Casa App easier to use, more robust, and even more resistant against Single Points of Failure.

  1. We’ve removed the email dependency from hardware wallet signing - so you can safely sign multi-signature transactions without depending on email
  2. Update your default currency - view your Bitcoin balance in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, or CAD
  3. Create bitcoin invoices - to request bitcoin payments with specific amounts
  4. Recovery Question Health Checks - Casa Gold users can now do Health Checks on their recovery questions
Product Update: Sign without email + Bitcoin invoices
Hot on the trail of our recent fundraising announcement, we’re excited to announce another salvo of product improvements.

Need peace of mind for your Bitcoin security? Let's get it handled.

Casa Gold is FREE to try for 30 days and only $120 / year after that. Ready to move directly to our Platinum or Diamond tiers? You can get started here or book a call with our Client Services team to learn more.

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