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There comes a time when every home has a change of address.

Today, we’re happy to share that Casa has new digs. We’ve migrated our website from to This migration represents a milestone in Casa’s journey, and we hope you enjoy this subtle, efficient change.

Why Why now?

We decided to make this switch with you in mind. We have always worked to make every step of the Casa experience smooth and seamless, a vision you can see reflected in the Casa app and each onboarding and support call with our advisors. And continuous improvement is a primary objective in any robust security protocol.

As we like to say, complexity is the enemy of security, and we apply that philosophy through our design. Security is not about constantly adding incremental and impossible layers of confusion. Rather, you can achieve excellence by streamlining each detail until you arrive at the battle-tested and only the best. 

The change to not only saves you a few keystrokes, but it also makes us clearer and easier for you to find. We believe will be a simple, memorable home for our website as we look ahead to 2024 and beyond.

Same great Casa, new address

While our web home has changed, Casa vaults are unaffected. Keys remain secure and you'll continue to use the app as usual to access your vaults. Below are some more details, and feel free to add these links to your bookmarks:

  • No mail forwarding required: you can still send support requests to  
  • You can log into your account on the web at 
  • Our Support Center can be accessed at 
  • Our blog can be found at

We will continue to transition other resources to in the future, and we will communicate these changes as they occur. Read up-to-date information about this migration here.

From humble beginnings to a bright future

Casa has evolved substantially since we began in 2017, and we have learned tremendously from each iteration of our products and services. It has been a privilege to build tools that enable you to maintain true ownership over your digital wealth.

Caption: We’ve come a long way since our original website, and we still have plenty of work to do on our mission to empower people with private keys.

Today, private key management is more than a lofty vision. We have continued to lay the groundwork with a new suite of releases this year, including ethereum vaults, relay options, a redesigned app, and even a new logo. It’s our hope that each of these efforts help you integrate the power of private keys into your daily life. 

We’re excited to continue our commitment to individual empowerment, and we’re thrilled that you are a part of the Casa story. Onward — one key at a time.

Secure bitcoin and ethereum with peace of mind

Do you wonder if your assets are safe? Too many crypto investors have seen their wealth disappear as a result of hacks, custodial failures, and accidents. The answer to this problem is simple: hold your keys with Casa.

Casa helps you securely hold BTC and ETH with one simple app. Our multi-key vaults offer you powerful, resilient protection against theft and accidental loss, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it. Get easy and effective security for your digital wealth.

Ready to find out more? Schedule a call with one of our Casa advisors or send us a message.