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Today, Casa is proud to unveil another step forward in crafting the world’s best self-custody experience. We’ve reimagined our app design, and we’re introducing a new concept to better represent self-custody and conceptualize the future of private key management: the vault.

Our new vaults are your gateway to securing bitcoin with complete autonomy, and they allow you to manage your assets with multiple keys with an immersive user experience.

What’s a vault?

Vaults are an age-old concept long associated with wealth protection and personal safekeeping. To this day, people frequently store their most precious possessions in safety deposit boxes, safes, and vaults.

As a concept, vaults translate well to the digital realm, especially in the age of bitcoin and ethereum. While physical vaults rely on robust materials, digital vaults use cryptography to provide you with stronger security potential than even concrete and steel.

By using encryption and incredibly large numbers, we can create an impenetrable force field to protect your digital assets. Consider it a Fort Knox in cyberspace. To access the funds within your vault, you’ll need to authenticate with multiple keys, the best crypto security practice.

At Casa, we envision a world where digital vaults encompass a wide assortment of underlying technologies: cold storage devices, multisig wallets, smart contracts, password managers, encryption key storage, and more. The world needs one place to turn for safekeeping data of all shapes and sizes, and we expect digital vaults will evolve into a complete solution for authentication as well as financial transactions.


Why do I need a vault?

Casa vaults protect your assets with multiple keys, the best practice for securing bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital assets.

Most wallets only protect your funds with one key, so if you leave your assets in a single hardware wallet, hot wallet, or even on an exchange, there’s a significant risk that your funds could be compromised. Accidents happen. As do hacks and physical theft.

Our vaults are built to withstand the loss or compromise of one or more keys, and they provide you with the greatest possible protection for your wealth. We offer two primary types of vaults, both of which are comprised of multiple devices:

  • 3-key vault: The essential asset protection for individual investors
  • 5-key vault: The ultimate asset protection for individuals and families

These vaults can be purchased as a part of a Casa membership plan, which includes personal service and recovery assistance if a key is ever lost or stolen. Together, our vaults, combined with our support, allow you to safely hold BTC and ETH with the ultimate peace of mind.

Want to know more about which vault is right for you? Schedule a time to talk with a Casa expert and learn everything there is to know.

Vaults: here and now

Under the hood, vault implementations differ with each underlying asset and use case. For instance, Casa’s bitcoin vaults are built using bitcoin’s native multisig support while ethereum vaults will utilize smart contracts as discussed here.

Casa members can create and manage bitcoin (BTC) vaults within our app, and members will be available to create ethereum (ETH) vaults later in the quarter. Existing Casa members will find all of the same functionality associated with their Basic Multisig and Key Shield within their vault.

Inside each vault, a world of opportunity opens up. Members can create transactions, generate addresses to share with others, monitor balances, and maintain and replace individual keys. All of these actions can be done with a few taps of a finger and take place in a secure environment with personal help right around the corner if needed.

How to set up your own vault

Members unlock the ability to create vaults as a part of their Casa plan. Choose from varying levels of personal onboarding and support, and combine your vault with a shared account or inheritance plan.

While only BTC vaults are available at this time, members will soon have the option to create an ETH vault as a part of their plan using some, if not all, of the same devices.

To get started with a vault, simply download or update the Casa app, follow the instructions, and enjoy a quick in-app tutorial. Not a Casa member yet? Explore our plans here.

Bitcoin Pay is a single-key hot wallet designed for simple, everyday transactions, such as splitting a dinner tab with a friend.

Transacting on the go? Meet Bitcoin Pay

Every asset serves a purpose, and whether you’re saving your wealth or spending it, it’s best to have one home to manage your money. You shouldn’t have to sign with multiple devices just to split a dinner tab with a friend, and you don’t have to.

Alongside our vault, Casa members can use a simple mobile wallet called Pay for smaller transactions. This elegant feature allows you to secure funds with just one key, allowing you to sign transactions quickly. Members can currently secure and spend BTC through their pay wallet, and we intend to expand this feature to include ETH in the future.

You can find this feature in the Pay tab within the Casa app. There, you can manage large amounts of assets in your vault and smaller amounts in your pay wallet. Whether you’re saving or spending, we’ve got you covered.

Final thoughts

Team Casa is working hard to make self-custody easier than ever before, and we look forward to sharing our new app with you. We look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you to all our members. Onward!

Secure your ETH with peace of mind

With Casa, you can protect ETH (and BTC) with a multi-key vault, the best protection for your digital assets. Schedule a call to learn more about our plans or send us a message here.