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In the beginning, there was cryptography. Technology like encryption, PGP, and private keys have bypassed mainstream consciousness for much of our digital existence. The average person has had little to no recognition of the impact that cryptographic keys have in securing our lives on the Internet.

Enter, Bitcoin. Bitcoin private keys create a direct connection between an individual and true ownership of their money. At Casa, we believe Bitcoin is only the beginning of how private keys, or what we call “personal keys,” will change our daily lives. Control of these keys by individuals - not institutions, governments, or third parties - promises a shockwave of change in the coming years. Personal keys will transform money, free speech, digital surveillance, and even the nature of government itself.

Every year, Bitcoiners celebrate private keys on Proof of Keys day, where we withdraw any funds held with exchanges and custodians to wallets where we hold the keys. This year, Casa is amplifying Proof of Keys further with Keyfest.

Keyfest 2021, Unlock Your Guide to the Future of Personal Keys

As the future of personal key management begins to form, how can you best prepare yourself? Casa has you covered with Keyfest 2021, January 5-7. Our inaugural virtual event helps you learn about the crucial role private key technology plays in Bitcoin today and how keys will affect our entire digital footprint in the future. Keyfest will provide you with actionable insights and inspiration about private keys and personal security, including:

  • The history and ideas behind personal keys
  • Best practices around securing your Bitcoin keys today
  • How personal key usage will evolve to unlock a future of new individual freedom

Hear from Bitcoin’s Leading Thinkers and Builders

Keyfest 2021 will be three days of bite-sized virtual fireside chats and actionable workshops with the Casa team to help you learn about security and personal key management.

To see our speakers and sessions, check out the Keyfest website.

Register for #keyfest2021 today.

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