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Casa Inc., the leading retail provider of non-custodial bitcoin storage and security, announced today the appointment of Alyse Killeen to the Company’s Board of Directors (the “Board”).

Killeen is an investor in Casa through venture capital firm StillMark, where she is Founding Partner. Killeen is one of the earliest investors in the Bitcoin ecosystem and has nearly a decade of experience in venture capital, previously investing at March Capital and Clearstone Venture Partners. She also serves on the Board of Directors at Blockstream.

“Alyse is one of the most insightful and experienced investors in the Bitcoin industry. She has been tremendously valuable to Casa over the last year, and I’m thrilled to work closely with her on the Board to continue pursuing Casa’s mission of maximizing individual sovereignty and security,” said Nick Neuman, Casa’s CEO.

Describing her decision to join Casa’s Board, Killeen stated, “Founders Nick Neuman and Jameson Lopp exemplify first-rate leadership in the especially unique and demanding Bitcoin industry, and are driving Casa toward sustained market dominance. Casa’s mission to enable broad consumer access to Bitcoin’s 'be your own bank' promise addresses a massive market opportunity and critical consumer need. It is only through self-custody that Bitcoin’s value proposition can be fully realized, and Casa makes self-custody simple by combining the highest levels of security technology with best-in-class design and client services.”

Killeen is also the first advisor to Mantis VC, a consumer technology and blockchain focused fund co-founded by The Chainsmokers, and is a Director Emeritus at Bitgive, Bitcoin’s first 501(c)(3) organization.

About Casa
Casa is the secure home for your Bitcoin. The Company builds tools at the forefront of Bitcoin self-custody, enabling individuals to take control of their wealth by holding their own Bitcoin private keys in an easy and secure manner. Casa is building for a future where self-custody is default, and every individual, family, and business can freely manage their own wealth and personal data.

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