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Casa and The Chainsmokers’ new venture capital fund, Mantis VC, join forces to bring Bitcoin self-custody to consumers everywhere.

Casa Inc., the leading provider of non-custodial Bitcoin storage and security, welcomes Mantis VC (“Mantis”) as its newest investor. Mantis joins Casa’s industry-leading group of existing investors, including StillMark, Castle Island Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, Precursor Ventures, and Fulgur Ventures

Mantis, co-founded by The Chainsmokers, is a new venture capital fund focused on bridging blockchain technology to the world of media and the mass consumer market. Mantis leverages the consumer expertise, reach, and network of The Chainsmokers team to accelerate  the growth of its portfolio companies within the consumer market.

“I’m incredibly excited to be working with Milan, Alex, Drew, and the rest of the Mantis Team,” said Casa CEO Nick Neuman. “In the month following Mantis’ investment, the team has already provided invaluable insights on a variety of subjects including educating a mass consumer audience about Bitcoin. We’re looking forward to our ongoing partnership with Mantis to make secure Bitcoin self-custody accessible for individuals and families around the world.”

“We’re super excited to have the opportunity to invest in Casa,” said Milan Koch, Managing Partner at Mantis Venture Capital. “Casa makes it easy for individuals everywhere to be their own bank and have full control over their Bitcoin private keys, without risk of fund loss or historical user experience issues. Casa is solving the massive problem of Bitcoin self-custody and has the potential to become one of the most important companies in this space.

Casa is a Mantis VC founding investment. The Mantis Team sees Casa as the company best positioned to bridge the gap between the everyday consumer and the technical concept of Bitcoin self-custody. Earlier this week, Casa announced it had appointed Alyse Killeen - FinTech investor and Blockstream Board Member - to its Board of Directors.

About Casa

Casa is the secure home for your Bitcoin. The company builds tools at the forefront of Bitcoin self-custody, enabling individuals to take control of their wealth by holding their own Bitcoin private keys in an easy and secure manner. Casa is building for a future where self-custody is default and every individual, family, and business can freely manage their own wealth and personal data.

About Mantis

MANTIS is an early-stage technology investment firm supporting innovative companies across consumer and financial technology. It was created in partnership by recent Forbes cover honorees, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the pop duo sensation known as the Chainsmokers. MANTIS was created to leverage the Chainsmokers' consumer experience and connections in helping companies who make an impact on consumers everyday life.


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