Casa Blog - Bitcoin Security Made Easy

We built Casa to provide the best security possible for Bitcoiners.

2019 was a fantastic year for Casa—we’ve made it easier than ever to live a sovereign and secure life with our products, and our global userbase grew by more than 10x in response.

A few key milestones from 2019:

  • Expanded Keymaster, our flagship product, with Basic Multisig 2-of-3 and Single Key support—enabling anyone to easily and securely control their keys and funds.
  • Launched Keymaster for Android and updated our existing iOS app with more Hardware Wallet support (and we’re now working to support Coldcard!)
  • Released Casa Wealth Security Protocol, detailing the security model and design choices of Keymaster and making it easy to understand why Keymaster is the best protection available for your Bitcoin.
  • Announced the Casa Covenant inheritance protocol, which uniquely enables secure transfer of your Bitcoin to your loved ones after you pass away.
  • Shipped thousands of Casa Nodes around the globe and improved users’ privacy with one-click Tor integration.
  • Released our Privacy and Data Protection Policy—making it clear to our customers that we will always protect their privacy by limiting data collection.
  • Released Sats App, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that seamlessly pairs directly with Casa Node over Tor to enable non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning usage. Also released Heartbeat, a first-of-its-kind health check feature for Sats App that makes it easy for users to keep their Node devices operating perfectly while also earning Bitcoin for supporting the network.

We are on a mission to make self-sovereign control of money and data more accessible to millions globally. Casa has big plans for 2020 which we are excited to share, but first I have an important personal update:

I am stepping down as Casa CEO due to a major family health issue.

To lead Casa forward, I have asked Nick Neuman to lead as CEO, and I’ve asked both Nick and our CTO Jameson Lopp to join Casa’s Board of Directors as Cofounders. I’m grateful that they’ve both accepted.

Many of you already know Nick as our Head of Product, but many do not know that Nick has been my right hand over the last two years, working with me closely to build the business.  Jameson Lopp, Casa’s CTO, has also played a critical role in running Casa behind the scenes. Nick and Jameson are the two best people in the world to lead Casa’s expansion of self-sovereign technology into the next chapter. I will continue to support Nick, Jameson and the Casa team as an Advisor and shareholder.

I’m extremely grateful to Nick and Jameson for stepping up and taking on this new set of responsibilities. We also could not have done this without our amazing team and support from our investors.

We have big plans for 2020, and I’m excited for everything the Casa team will be shipping this year! To give you a peek at what’s in store, I’ll now pass the torch to Casa’s new CEO Nick Neuman. Check out his post looking ahead at what we have coming this year.