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With the invention of bitcoin, the world learned that a technology called private keys could be successfully used to secure digital money. However, we also learned — repeatedly and painfully — that private keys were difficult to secure, and that loss of a key could mean losing significant wealth.

Casa was created to make it simpler and safer to use private keys — with the belief that one day private keys will secure everything important to us.

Today, we are announcing a major step in building the future of private key management with Casa: we have redesigned our app, reimagined the membership experience, and now our members will be able to secure ether (ETH) alongside bitcoin within Casa.

New year, new app

Making self-custody easy to manage has long been our calling card, and we’re dedicated to continue offering you unparalleled security, simplicity, and control over your digital wealth.

In January 2023, we will roll out a new app design, in which we’ve rethought everything from our first principles of simplicity and security. These new enhancements will equip you to better incorporate Casa into your daily life whether you’re securing long-term holdings, managing family finances, or frequently using and moving your funds.

As always, we’ll continue to provide best-in-class personal support from Casa’s team of experts, so you can feel safe and right at home. Your keys, your Casa.

Secure BTC and ETH under one roof

Soon after our app release, our members will be able to store ETH with Casa.

The ability to manage BTC and ETH with one elegant app is a feature our members have consistently requested for years. In addition, ETH investors have long sought a way to store their ETH without fear of loss or theft, and too many hacks have taken place across the broader web3/crypto space due to poor private key management.

Casa protects your digital assets with multiple keys to provide you with greater security than a single hardware wallet can provide.

Unlike most wallets, Casa helps you secure your digital wealth with more than one private key. That means making a single mistake doesn’t result in lost funds. We’re excited to be the first company to provide a simple, secure way to store both BTC and ETH using multisig in one product.

With Casa, you can choose from a range of security levels — from a simple mobile wallet to a high security vault. You choose where to put your funds and can easily move your crypto between security types, based on the amount of convenience or security you desire.

Our commitment to bitcoin is deep and unwavering, as is our mission to further its mass adoption. We continue to believe that bitcoin represents the best form of global, neutral, inclusive money in the world today. We also value the clear message from our customers and the market as a whole — and both have spoken overwhelmingly that ethereum is an important asset, and that they want to secure it with the same peace of mind that Casa gives them when securing bitcoin. By supporting both BTC and ETH with the same world-class support, we will help more people take control of their digital wealth in one simple, highly secure platform.

Individuals and families need to know their digital wealth is secure. Our new plans will provide pathways for all investors to protect their assets with full peace of mind. 

Coming soon: a plan for everyone

Coinciding with our app release, we will introduce new, thoughtful plans designed to accommodate individual investors, families, and teams. Each plan is oriented around the friendly, polished Casa service our members appreciate with the best-in-class security that started it all.

The future is about choice, and Casa is proud to offer a suite of products to serve you wherever you are in your crypto journey and wherever you are in life, from a standard security plan to shared accounts and inheritance planning.

The importance of private keys has never been more clear

This year, many people have discovered the security risks associated with not holding their own keys, as so many of our industry’s largest centralized custodians collapsed. It’s incredibly sad to see people lose money that they had trusted someone else to protect, and this continues to highlight why it’s so important that people have a simple and secure way to hold their own keys — because no one cares about the security of your money as much as you do. With the right tools, you will protect your own savings better than anyone else. We’re here to help.

We are excited to take this next step on our journey toward a world where people can take back control of their money and savings. Thank you to all of the Casa members, teammates, and supporters who continue to make our work possible. Onward!

Discover the future of crypto security

With Casa, you can protect ETH (and BTC) with a multi-key vault, the best protection for your digital assets. Schedule a call to learn more about our plans or send us a message here.