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We’re thrilled to announce that the Casa Keymaster app is now available on Android! You can download the app for free today via Google Play. To sign up, visit the Keymaster page here.

The best key manager on the planet

The Casa Keymaster app is the best key manager on the planet. Keymaster gives you easy-to-use multisig backed by Trezor and Ledger hardware devices.

Depending on your Casa membership tier, you’ll have access to either Basic Multisig (2 of 3) or Key Shield Multisig (3 of 5). In case you aren’t familiar with it, check out our Bitcoin 101 explainer to learn more. Multisig is one of the best ways to secure your bitcoin while holding your own private keys.

The Casa Key Shield

Casa’s multisig utilizes Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets in each keyset. This allows you to place each device in a different location, meaning your funds are secured by multiple signatures, multiple devices, and multiple locations.

With 3-of-5 multisig, sending funds requires approval from 3 of the 5 devices in your keyset. With 2-of-3, 2 of your devices are needed to send funds. Both of these solutions are much more secure than a single key wallet.

Seedless key recovery

With Casa, you don’t need to keep the seed phrase for your keys. If you lose a key, you can easily mark it as lost in the app, then rotate it out of your multisig keyset. When you rotate in a new key, you use the remaining keys from your old keyset to transfer the funds to the new, whole keyset. As long as you don’t lose more keys than the threshold required to send funds, you’ll always have access to your bitcoin.

  • In Key Shield Multisig (3 of 5), you can lose up to 2 keys at the same time and still recover your funds
  • In Basic Multisig (2 of 3), you can lose one key and still recover your funds
After marking a key as compromised

There will always be increased responsibility involved when managing your own keys instead of trusting a third party, but the Casa multisig setup significantly improves security over single key wallets.

Other features to help you manage your assets

Mobile Key
The Mobile Key is a single signature keyset perfect for small balances and easy transactions. Just sign from your phone and your transaction is complete. Our seedless key recovery helps you store your private key in the cloud securely and easily, so you don’t have to worry about losing a seed phrase and losing your money.

Mobile Key management

Signature history
See signing history for each individual key quickly and easily within the Casa app.

Signature history for one of your multisig devices

Device health checks
One risk with long term cold storage using hardware devices is bitrot. Over time, electronics hardware components can degrade. This could result in a user going to sign with one of their hardware devices and discovering it no longer works.

To combat this, we’ve built in the ability to do a heath check on each device. This lets you simply sign a message with your private key to verify that the key is still intact on the device.

Health checks are one more small way we’re mitigating every possible point of failure in your key security.

Casa Keymaster is designed to give you maximum security and maximum peace of mind. It’s our goal to make multisig technology available to everyone, and our release for Android is another step in the right direction.

Download the app for Android or iOS today, and keep an eye out for some more announcements this week!